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Moving supplies you will need

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If you’re preparing for a move, you will get t the stage where you need to start gathering supplies. Usually, your moving company will assist you with the bulk of what you need, but just in case, here are some things to consider to prepare you for the big day.

Moving boxes! Obvious right? But what might not be so obvious is how easily you can get these. You can always purchase specific sizes from various vendors around town, such as moving companies, hardware stores, and small vendors. But did you know, most businesses will just give you their boxes they received in shipments of goods? Call your local grocery or package shops – they generally have more than they know what to do with and will gladly let you take them off of their hands, free of charge.

Bubble wrap and wrapping paper. Wrapping paper will be particularly important for covering your fragile belongings such as dining room sets or crystal decorations. Wrap each item individually to provide them with the best protection from breaking against each other while in transit. Bubble wrap on the other hand should be used to fill in the space gaps in a box, again to ensure items don’t have any room to move around while in transit.

Box tape. Depending on how many boxes you will be filling, you may require several rolls. We all know the old four-way flap tuck to close boxes, but sometimes that just isn’t enough support. The last thing you want is for your belongings to be falling out of the bottom of a box mid-carry.  And make your job easier with a tape dispenser that is comfortable and convenient to use

Scissors. Tape dispensers are handy but not always the best tool for cutting tape at odd angles. They’re also useful for cutting your bubble wrap and wrapping paper as needed to conserve how much of it you use. We recommend scissors over a razor because they are safer to use.

Markers, or stickers. These items may be less obvious – for marking boxes to indicate what they are holding and which room they belong in. This makes the move in and unpacking process much smoother. Between markers and stickers, it really depends on personal preference for how you would want to organize the labeling of your boxes. But you can get more detailed if you write on the boxes with a marker. 

Straps or rope. You will definitely want to tie your furniture pieces down to the truck or trailer you are using so they don’t slide around during transit and get broken. Make sure you get plenty of lengthy straps to cover all of the items you think may be needed – a short length of rope and straps goes quickly if you don’t plan accordingly.

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