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What to consider when storing

You have made the decision to store some items, as you see that you don’t need them, but you do need the space they occupy at your home. Before you call any storage company, research and ensure you get the quality of service you deserve. We are providing you with some factors to consider to ensure that you select a reputable and reliable provider.

Security: The security of the storage facility is crucial. Look for a provider with advanced security measures, such as 24/7 surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control systems. It would not be a bad idea to visit some of the locations of your choice to ensure their security measures. 

Insurance: Choose a storage company that is insured and that offers you additional protection for your stored items. In the rare case of damage or theft, you will be covered. Consult with your home insurance as well; some insurance companies allow you to extend your current policy to third-party storage.

Climate control: If you are storing sensitive items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, artwork, or antiques, choose a storage company that offers climate-controlled storage units. This will protect your items from extreme temperatures and humidity. Remember, mold grows like a snowball in moist and humid environments.  

Accessibility: Consider how often and when you need access to these items. Choose a provider that allows you to access your stored items easily and conveniently when needed.

Reputation: Check the reputation of the storage company before you decide. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous customers, and check if they have any awards or certifications that indicate their credibility and professionalism.

Cost: Compare the costs of different storage providers and choose one that offers fair pricing and transparent terms.

Location: Consider the location of the storage facility. Choose a provider that is located close to your home or office for ease of access.

By considering these factors, you can choose a storage company that meets your needs and provides reliable and secure storage for your items.

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