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Moving safety tips

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Moving can be a strenuous evolution with a variety of hazards if you are not careful or do not use the appropriate safety equipment. Here are some tips on how you can prepare and observe safety throughout your move.

Drink lots of water! With all the physical activity of the day, you are bound to break a sweat. More than ever, make sure you are drinking plenty of water to counter the sweat leaving your body. Dehydration can be dangerous, not to mention, staying hydrated reduces the risk of you straining a muscle.

Technique. When picking up and placing heavy items down, remember the lifting technique to bend with your knees, not your back. This is a common safety rule for any kind of lifting, though often not observed to much regret later on. You may get away with it a few times, and you will likely not notice the effects right away. But the next day your lower back will be sore, possibly enough to keep you from doing anything else besides resting. Back pain is detrimental to your daily activities, so avoid it by using the appropriate lifting techniques.

Also remember not to overdo your lift. Don’t try grabbing a stack of boxes you can’t control – they will inevitably fall and perhaps take you with them. If a heavier box lands on you, there’s no telling the kind of injuries you can have, not to mention the state of your belongings inside that box. Instead, take your time by grabbing one at a time. Or consider renting a dolly to help with carrying multiple boxes, in addition to the other heavier and large items you are moving.

Use gloves and two hands when carrying. Sometimes people get comfortable carrying items over a long day and may start to get lazy. By keeping two hands on the item you’re carrying, you maintain control over it and reduce the chance of dropping it. Gloves will help with keeping traction and protect your hands from blisters. If you are working with someone, whenever you hand an item to them, ensure they have the item before letting go yourself by saying “do you have it?”, and before letting go yourself, wait until they respond with “got it.” This will ensure there are no accidents in the process and will help you put your mind at ease with this system in place. 

Remember to wear closed shoes. You will regret wearing sandals or weakly protected shoes if anything does happen to fall and lands on your toes – prevent this from happening by ensuring your feet are well protected. And remember to use cotton socks to help prevent blisters on your feet from all of the activities you will surely be doing on the day of your move.

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