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Moving in with your partner

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You and your significant other are ready to take the next step in your relationship – but before engagement, you need to know what it’s like living with each other. Here are some things to keep in mind if this will be a new experience for you.


Personal space! Everyone needs a little area to call their own and design the furniture layout and decorations as they would as per their preference. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole room, but perhaps a half of it, or just the space around their desk or entertainment center. This space will likely be their comfort zone when they are feeling overwhelmed, and so they should customize it as per their tastes so it is familiar and their own. This can be tough if one person is moving in with another who is already established living in the location, but keep in mind, you are both taking your relationship to the next stage with this move and part of that is sharing your space with each other, no matter how big or small. If one of you has too many belongings to make space for the other, perhaps it’s a good time to consider decluttering or storage.


Remember that moving is a stressful event, no matter the situation. Some people handle the stress better than others, so be prepared to be patient with your partner if they are easily overwhelmed during the evolution. Otherwise, if you are the one who is quick to stress, remember not to take your frustration out on your partner and instead find comfort in them – after all, this could be your first big test with each other and shape the future of your relationship.


To help prevent stress, consider each other’s timeline for the move – one person may have to get back to work much sooner than the other and may not be able to slow their pace and unpack leisurely. It’s also a good idea to understand beforehand, what items each other will need immediately after the move. One person may be able to do without their desk setup, but the other may need it immediately for work. Help plan and coordinate with each other what spaces will take priority for setting up after moving in, and what can wait until the next weekend.


With lots of exciting new experiences on the horizon, remember why you chose to move in with each other and once the stressful event is over, lots of good times lie ahead.

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