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Loading order for a move

movers loading a truck with boxes, article cover graphic

Load order can be the difference between a relatively smooth evolution into your new home and a stressful headache. Here are some tips to consider when loading your truck with belongings from your old home.

First, you need to realize the rules of safety for the kind of container you are loading into. If is a truck not directly attached to the cab, that will require a special technique of loading the heaviest items toward the front with less heavy items in the rear. This prevents the trailer from spinning out while you are on the road. Strategically placing items in accordance to their weight on the section of the container is a crucial step.

Otherwise, the idea of loading your container is to place the least needed items in the new home first, with the most needed last, and towards the rear. This allows you to quickly unload and access these items right away at the new home. You will need your bed and toiletries before you need the dartboard and sewing kits, for example. 

That being said, you may also want to get the larger furniture pieces, such as cabinets or dressers in the house first so once you start emptying boxes you will have a place to put your smaller belongings. One solution is to load the truck in columns from front to back where a few larger pieces are organized in one, with several smaller items, such as boxes, placed in another. This way, when you unload, you just empty out columns from back to front instead of taking everything out of the back and ending up with nowhere to immediately put your smaller fragile items.


On a final note regarding load order, consider how well items will be able to move around if they are not strapped down in a professional moving truck. Remember the game Tetris? Apply the same strategy to loading items in your truck so they won’t be sliding around the truck to keep them protected. If you follow these steps, you should have no trouble when you arrive at your new home and begin unloading your possessions into the new home.

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