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How Much Does it Really Cost to Move?

new home model with cash representing moving day costs

When you begin the process of moving, it is important to be aware that prices vary because all moves are unique. So when we reach out to a moving company you need to be clear about the services you require so you can find the right company that satisfies our specific needs.


1st question I need to ask myself is my priority:

  1. Am Looking for the lowest cost ? 
  2. Do I just need a specific amount of men and trucks? 
  3. Or Am I looking for a high quality moving company  who can help me coordinate the entire process? 

Remember, you get what you pay for. All companies have different specialties, which determine their rates. The state does have maximum tariffs. Therefore, no one company can exceed the maximum rate published by the GA Department of Public Safety.  For example: for local moves the maximum hourly rate for 1 truck and 2 men are $159.00. However, even though there is a limit in the hourly rate, if your coordinator recommends more men, and you choose only 2 this can incur in longer hours of job and higher final bills. For over 50 mile jobs and longer distance moves is based on weight and the tariffs vary.  


My priority is quality! Now what?

The cost will depend on:

  1. How big is the property to move? (for more than 2 rooms onsite consultation recommended)
  2. The distance between properties ( Over 50 miles & Long Distance moves are charged by weight)
  3. Time of year ( High season in the Moving industry is Summer)
  4. What services you require ( Pack, move, storage, unpacking etc…)

TNI specializes in high standard quality services. And is fully engaged in the estimation process;  providing the most accurate estimates. The company provides a personal moving coordinator, who (based on the size of your property) will do an onsite consultation. TNI guarantees not to exceed 10% of the onsite consultation estimate, as long as nothing changes.  If you are shopping around make sure to ask if they guarantee their estimate as well. Some companies will give you the hourly rate but won’t organize the whole move for you or guarantee an estimate.

I want a quality move, can I reduce cost?

Some of our customers have time constraints, so they need a full service move. But if you here are some things that can be done.

Failing to provide a detailed  inventory of items to move, might seem like an idea to cut costs, but will become a problem later. 


Your Estimate May Increase:

  1. Failing to provide an accurate list of items to move might seem a way to cut cost. Your mover coordinator has the experience to organize your move and help you find ways to reduce costs. 



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