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Benefits from Self-Storage During a Move

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There are a lot of uses for self-storage but employing these facilities during a move is highly under-utilized by today’s homeowners. Storage can be a great way to help your move go smoothly and keep things organized along the way. Storage facilities come in all shapes and sizes, and many offer climate-controlled protection for your personal belongings. What’s more, Truck And I offers PORTABLE storage, bringing the container to you, and delivering it when needed to your new home. Here are some benefits to storage during a move.

Move at Your Own Pace

When you rent a storage unit, you immediately reduce the time pressure out of moving out of the old home. It allows you to pack and move things on your time, creating a sort of staging area for your belongings once the big day arrives. You can sort, organize, and label everything for easy moving as you go. 

The same benefit of moving at your own pace applies when moving into the new home. Here, it can be even more beneficial because you can go back and forth from both your new and old homes to the storage unit. This means you can pack AND unpack at your own pace. As a bonus, if you end up with items that you decide you want to keep in storage, you already have the unit rented.

Set Up Your New Home on Your Time

Getting settled in a new home is hard enough. If you can avoid having a house full of stuff sitting around waiting to be unpacked, you can alleviate a little of the stress along the way. You can even prioritize which items need to come to the new house and which are fine to store. Then, when you are ready to set up the rooms of your home, you can take items as you need them. Not only does this make the process easier and give you more time to get settled, but it saves a lot of day-to-day stress.

Extras and Freebies Can Help

Some storage companies (such as Truck And I) might also offer moving services or packing supplies. The bonus here is not only do you get the things that you need in one place, but a lot of times you can get them for free or at a reduced rate since you are already renting a storage unit. Most self-storage facilities stock popular packing supplies like boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. They might also have a selection of trucks, trailers, dollies and moving straps, and other moving tools and supplies that you could use.

Plus, when you find these products at a storage unit facility, you’re going to get materials that are of a higher quality. Nothing is worse than buying cheap boxes or tape and having boxes break in the middle of a move. Not only are you getting a good deal on the supplies that you need, but you can trust that they’re of good quality, as well.

Protect Your Belongings

If you are in-between homes or just need a way to protect your items during the move, a storage unit could be a great resource. Storage facilities offer a variety of units, including many that are indoor or offer climate control features. Units are protected from moisture and other elements and come in all sizes.

You can’t trust that your personal belongings will be safe when you are making a lot of trips back and forth between your new and old locations. People can often tell when someone is moving. You don’t want the wrong kind of people taking notice. Protect your family and your property by storing items instead. Most storage facilities offer 24-hour surveillance and gated or locked access for tenants. That should give you more peace of mind so that you can focus on getting through the move.

Gives You Space for Difficult Transitions

There are some circumstances in which you might need to move out of your old home before your new one is ready. Perhaps your lease is up, but your job isn’t transferring you for another month. They might offer to assist you with temporary housing or a hotel room in the meantime, but what about your belongings?

Storage units are a great resource for people who are in difficult or unusual moving situations. Finding a place for yourself and your family is hard enough without having to worry about where to store all of your stuff. Storage units are affordable, and if you organize it well, it can be easy to get the things you need from time to time.

When it comes to moving, a storage unit can be a great solution to take a lot of worry off of your mind. Whether you need more time to pack and unpack or just want to make sure your belongings are safe, renting a storage unit is an easy solution. Consider what self-storage, or Truck And I’s PORTABLE storage could do for your next move.


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