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What to do with used moving boxes

family playing with used moving boxes after a move, article cover graphic
The move is over – the boxes are unpacked, broken down, and now taking up space. Instead of throwing them out, here are some other ideas to utilize those boxes one more time. Give them to someone who needs them You may have friends or neighbors who are interested in taking your used boxes. You can sell or give them away. Another option is to contact a charity organization that could use them. You may need to call a few places to find the right organization, but with persistence, you’ll find someone in need. Recycle them Most towns with recycling centers offer the ability for people to recycle large amounts of cardboard. You may have to drive it over to the location or they may be available to pick it up. You can find out specifics online or make a phone call. Use them for your garden Cardboard boxes can be an excellent option for a compost bin because the cardboard will break down fairly well. The only real issue is that this will only take care of a box or two at a time, so you may want to do something else with the rest of the boxes you have available. Activities for the children If you have kids, there are many ways you can use boxes for arts and crafts. Here are a few ideas that might work, depending on your children’s interests and ages: Create a track for miniature cars by unfolding a box and drawing some lanes. Make a playhouse or fort with any box of a reasonably large space. Make a lap art desk for traveling. You can use cardboard for the top, add a slot for a device, and some tubes or cups for supplies. Cover the floor under a messy art project like painting to keep it protected. Sturdy boxes can be used to make a lemonade stand. Household uses for used boxes Of course, there are some adult uses for boxes, as well. You can use these versatile items for many uses, some listed below: Keep a box and use it to put emergency items in your car. You can add chargers, flashlights, tools, and more. Package gifts for birthdays or Christmas. Keep the boxes around for the holidays and you’ll never have to worry about having the right box for a gift. Place a portion of a cardboard box under your car if you think you might have a leak to protect the ground from stains and help determine where the leak is coming from.  

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