Things You Should Always Move Yourself

It is impossible to think of everything in a move so let us help! Here are some things you should always move yourself instead of of having the moving team do it:

  1. Jewelry can get lost or damaged during a move. Because it’s small, it can shift and get stuck in corners or slip through cracks. Secure and pack jewelry in a separate box.
  2. Don’t move cash, checks, credit cards and the like in a dresser. You’ll want to keep money with you rather than loading it onto a moving van.
  3. Books, CDs, DVDs are too heavy to stay in the drawers. They may shift during the move and damage your dresser.
  4. Remove valuable papers from your dresser. Carry them with you rather than loading them in a van.
  5. Anything that can shift, such as desk supplies, cosmetics or other small items should be packed securely in boxes.

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