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Book your Portable storage this February and get your first month free - secure your belongings with peace of mind!

Moving with Plants

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For those who love plants, you may feel like they’re as important as your family. Choosing to move and potentially leave them behind can be an anxiety-provoking situation. The good news is that moving with plants is not impossible, it just requires a bit of extra work. Here are some great moving tips with plants.

Plants and Moving Companies

You should determine if your moving company will cover damage to plants. It is not common but being aware is important either way. Some moving companies will not even allow plants on the truck, which is also good to know well in advance so you can make other arrangements. The truth is that plants may suffer from a move and the moving companies are fully aware of this.

Moving Plants on Your Own

If you prefer, you can move your plants on your own. This can be a comfort as you know you’ll be able to take care of them. Before moving them, place them in durable boxes lined with plastic. You can also use bubble wrap to cushion the plant from moving in transit.

For those with a stop during moving, such as spending a night in a hotel, check the weather. If the temperature is going to be cold, this can hurt some sorts of plants. You may need to move them indoors with you.

In addition, if you have tall plants, wrap them in plastic to avoid damage from the move. These plants can be fragile and don’t handle moving well. However, do poke some holes in the plastic you cover them with.

Taking Plants from Your Garden

Those who have a garden and want to take some cuttings, rather than whole plants, use flower tubes. You can fill these with water and cap them. This will keep the plants healthy until you get to your destination and can plant your new garden.

Adjustment After Moving

As soon as your plants are brought inside, take the plastic off of them, remove them from boxes, and provide them with plant food, along with water. If you had to remove the plants from a pot and want to replant them in the original pot, don’t do this right away. Wait at least a week, and preferably more. Plants do not do well with lots of stress. The combination of a move and repotting can cause problems or even dead plants.

On the same theme, before moving, if you plan to re-pot them to travel, do so many weeks in advance. They need time to adjust to the new pot before being taken on a long trip, which will also be stressful.

Take care to watch for how plants act in the new location. Sometimes there are differences in air, soil, or climate that affect how they do after a move. If you feel a plant is not doing well, it might be worth speaking with an expert to ensure you keep them healthy and happy in your new home, just like you.


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