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How to pack for a move

woman closing a packed moving box

There’s no doubt packing up your entire home is one of the most stressful parts of moving. It makes you realize just how much stuff you own. The first step is to organize your moving supplies. You can buy boxes from most major stores, but there are also many places you get free boxes such as package stores and recycling drop-off points. Once you’ve gotten your supplies, start by making an inventory and organizing your belongings based on functions, room or use. 

1. Make sure to give yourself time to pack and don’t wait until the few days right before the movers come!  A handy service Truck and i offers is packing for you!

2. Make a packing inventory 

This will save you so much peace of mind during your move. Keep a running list of what needs to be packed, what you’ve already packed and what is in each box.

3. Label your boxes by room and its contents 

We cannot stress this enough!! In order to have a smooth moving process, you need to label your boxes and be as specific as possible. This will also help to ensure no items go missing during this sometimes hectic period.

4. Speaking of labeling boxes, make sure you clearly mark each box that contains fragil times to ensure movers handle it carefully

5. Avoid filling boxes to the brim.  This helps stop boxes from being too heavy and possibly being dropped or damaged during a move. 

6. Carry cash, medications, important documents and jewellery with you when you move.  It’s best to keep these documents with you during your move for peace of mind. 

7. Don’t wait to start packing 

The earlier you start the better. Start by selling or donating unwanted items. Then start back packing the items you don’t use often and go from there. Many people find it helpful to pack one room at a time. 

8. Don’t pack heavy items in large boxes 

This seems weird, but if you stuff a lot of heavy times into one large box, it can be extremely difficult to move and the box could break.  Try packing heavy items in smaller boxes. 

9. Don’t forget to empty drawers from desks and dressers.  This ensures items don’t move around or fall out during a move. 

10. Pack dishes with care

Make sure you use extra padding, whether it’s newspaper, or bubble wrap, stack the dishes vertically, and add extra padding to the top and bottom of the box. 

10. Use towels and clothes to help pad your boxes. Why not save a couple bucks? 

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