A pickup truck, hard work and a dream.

That’s how the Truck and i story began in 1987, with Carlos Urrea’s vision to one day serve the greater Atlanta area and beyond. “It’s more than taking items from one place to another,” says Carlos. It’s about taking care of a customer’s belongings. It’s what customer’s work hard to collect over the years. From large family heirlooms to small picture frames, all items are precious. Carlos graduated from Georgia State University with a business degree. He continued his education at the Art Institute of Atlanta. While there, in 1986, he bought a Nissan pick-up truck and wanted to put his truck to work.

This move changed his future.

The company was first called “My truck and I.” His wife, Cynzia, made flyers for the company and then placed them in the Virginia Highlands area. Soon the calls came in. The pick-up truck got outfitted to handle larger moves. Six months later, they bought an enclosed truck, Cynzia recalls it being like a milk truck.

Their first office was on Cheshire Bridge Road and then moved into various warehouses on Faulkner Rd. They outgrew this location and in 1998 bought their first warehouse in the Chattahoochee Industrial area. Soon after they launched an owner-operated program. Truck operators provide a biography for customers to better know who’s assisting them in their move. This gave customers confidence. Truck operators take great care of their crews and go above the ordinary to take care of the relationships with customers.