Summer really is the best time for moving. The sun is shining, and everyone’s in a good mood and ready for action. However, high temperatures can cause some inconvenience to those who are in the process of changing their location. So, we offer tips on moving during the summer that cover every important aspect of this process.

Pack carefully
Nobody wants to deal with broken or lost things after the move. Therefore, it’s vital to take enough time for packing and careful storage of the items. When packing in the summer, keep in mind that heat can damage some things.

Those who want to avoid potential risks of packing items the wrong way should think about hiring professionals. Our company has trained packers who will make sure that all items arrive safely.

Their attention to detail and the ability to adjust to the needs of every family will ensure that all the objects come to the new location unscathed. In addition, we can provide our customers with custom crating for storage of their mirrors, chandeliers, artwork, and any other special items.

Choose the right time
With kids out of school and people going to or returning from vacation, roads are the busiest in the summer. So, it’s important to plan ahead. We recommend choosing the middle of the month for moving since roads are the least crowded during this period.

Keep kids and pets out of the house
Kids and pets need a place to stay since it won’t be convenient to have them in the house during the move. Furthermore, pets can react badly to strangers in the home and can turn hostile.

Stay hydrated
Moving takes up so much energy. A lot of lifting combined with high temperatures could lead to heat strokes and dehydration. So, it’s vital to prepare enough water bottles to keep us hydrated.

Dress lightly
The best way to avoid attracting sunlight is to choose light clothing and put on a good sunscreen.

Turn on air conditioning
Another thing to remember when moving is to turn on the AC or plug in fans in the new house in order to prevent spending too much time in the hot environment

Book movers in time
Summer is the most popular time to move, so those who want to set up a new home during this period should plan ahead. They need to make sure they hire trustworthy companies with enough storage for all their items.

Truck and i is the perfect choice for ensuring a smooth moving process. The qualified team that works with us has been helping people move for over eight years. What’s more, we will wrap all the items inside the house before placing them in the truck. In addition, we’ll protect floors with runners to protect them from dirt.

To sum up, it’s very important to plan ahead in order to make sure that the moving process goes smoothly in the summer. But, you don’t have to waste energy on packing and moving. Let us help you!

Our customers should relax and leave us to handle everything. We think about every detail and we’ll ensure that all the items are packed and transported safely. Don’t wait until the last minute, contact us today for a hassle-free move!