Are you tired of watching knick-knacks and unnecessary clutter overtake your home? Well, Atlanta’s best storage company can help with that. Instead of passively putting up with the mess — let Atlanta’s first portable storage service take it off your hands. Besides, storage services aren’t just great for people who are moving. In fact, there are many ways you might make use of a portable storage container.

Most people use storage units for things they’re not currently using. For example, holiday decor, outdoor furniture, and seasonal clothing don’t need to take up space in your home.

If you work from home, you probably have mountains of paperwork lying around on every surface of your home office as well. Wouldn’t all of those important files and supplies be better off somewhere secure? Basically, if you can’t stand watching your cabinets strain every time you jam another item inside, this is a great solution.

With the Truck and i Big Vault storage containers, you’ll be able to save everything you need for later. Our vaults were carefully designed by professional movers for maximum efficiency. Because the Big Vaults are large enough to fit most furniture, our crew won’t even need to disassemble anything.

So whether you need to declutter your space permanently or simply move some items while you’re cleaning or renovating your home — portable storage could be the perfect way to do it. Furthermore, you could also use our portable storage services to prepare your home for a viewing. Selling your home will be much easier without all that mess strewed all over the living room. The Truck and i portable storage services are ideal for staging homes, closing on a home, or moving.

That being said, you may be curious to learn about how this service works, exactly. Well, the beauty of it is in its simplicity. Should you require extra storage, all you need to do is call Atlanta’s best storage company. Then, just sit back and let us do what we do best.

First, our professional crew of movers will come to your home and make an inventory of all the items in question. Then they’d move your possessions into your portable storage unit. Once every item has been accounted for, we will transport the Big Vault storage container to one of our secure, climate-controlled facilities. The only way to access the Vault after that is by appointment. So you can be sure that your possessions will be safe and sound in the meantime.

Once you’re ready to take the items back, we’ll bring your portable storage unit to you. Our team will then unload the items and set them up wherever you want them. At that point, you can also add other items to store in your Big Vault, or stop the lease altogether.

Truck and i is not only affordable but also flexible — and we aim to please! So take advantage of Atlanta’s best storage company and the convenience we offer — schedule your appointment now!