A considerable part of spring cleaning is getting unused items out of the way and into storage. Using a storage service is an excellent way to increase the amount of storage available to you. If you plan on redecorating, a storage unit will help you temporarily move your furniture out of the way while moving around large items.

Spring is a time of renewal. It’s easier to deep clean your house if clutter and furniture are out of the way. Whether you need to scrub floors, shampoo carpets, or paint walls without damaging furniture, a storage unit is a great way to get extra stuff out of the way while you clean, organize and redecorate.

Over the winter, basements and garages become filled with grills, sports equipment, and patio furniture. With spring here and summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to reorganize. Do it right this spring and put the winter clothes including outerwear and boots, shovels, and winter sports into storage.

Storage has other purposes as well. Is your home on the market? Clearing closets and rooms of the extra clutter can make the place show better. Pack and store away till you are ready to move into your new home. Perhaps you have sold your home but won’t be able to move into your new place till construction is completed. Put all your belongings in storage and have it brought out when you are ready to move in.

However, don’t want the hassle of packing? Packing is a time-consuming, emotionally exhausting, and physically draining process. Truck and i offers comprehensive in-house packing. Each member of our team is a professional packer, who knows how to pack furniture, breakables, art pieces, and even pianos. Truck and i brings the right tools for the job, everything from the right boxes and crates, wrappings, and tarps. Truck and i gives you the peace of mind all your valuables will be protected and taken care of with our full attention to detail.

Truck and i is Atlanta’s best storage service. Our Big Vaults Portable Storage has secure, climate controlled locations, accessible only by appointment, making sure your valuables are always safe. We bring a vault to your home, inventory all the items that need to be stored, load the vault, store it, and when you are ready, Truck and i re-delivers and unloads the vault. Our vaults were designed by professional movers so that average furniture does not have to be disassembled and then reassembled during the moving process. Truck and i is the only company in Atlanta that offers portable storage services.

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